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In 1998 the renowned Sikh scholar, author and musician, Bibi Gurdev Kaur was inspired to form a group for Sikh Women in UK, which would have the purpose of empowering and educating them in the greatness and depth of Sikhism, and enabling them to address all issues affecting their lives as Sikhs in the UK. Hence the Sikh Nari Manch UK (SNM) was established.

Bibi Gurdev Kaur OBE strongly believes that "If you educate a man, you educate one individual but if you educate a women, you educate the whole family and in the long run the whole socitey benefits". It is crucial that as modern day women we should assess our role as Sikhs as well as our knowledge of Sikhism and realise the potential we have in shaping the lives of our families and children as British Sikhs, keeping our identies but developing community cohesion according to the Sikh tenet of "Surbut Da Bhalla" (Welfare of All).

The SNM is  a registered charity, and is therefore constantly looking for sponsorship to continue its community projects. If you can support us in any way or have any comments about our work please contact or write to us at our contact address.

We'd love to share our bilingual music with all of you, so please click over to our YouTube Channel by clicking HERE. Please subscribe and forward the videos if you like them!  
Sikh Nari Manch inspires young children to learn Punjabi and finds innovative ways to teach Punjabi. It runs Punjabi Tots class at the centre every Friday and Sunday. Bibi Gurdev Kaur OBE, the Founder President, has written many bilingual books to teach Punjabi and Sikh Scriptures through English and music. To listen to Shabads (hymns), Punjabi/English poems and songs you can click HERE. Here is an English poem on Sikh women.

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Latest News

15 December 2011


Northside Welcome Centre has earned Matrix accreditated status for our advice and guidance services.

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15 December 2011


Sikh Nari Manch celebrated the holiday season and 5 years of the Northside Welcome Centre helping the community.

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14 January 2011

Yoga at Northside Welcome Centre

Weekly Kundilini Yoga classes in the North Birmingham area

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05 November 2010

Happy Diwali from Sikh Nari Manch

Sikh Nari Manch and Northside Welcme Cetre wish all our viewes a HAPPY DWALI. Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated all over India and the world where there is Indian population.

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05 November 2010

Sikh Nari Manch is on YouTube!

Sikh Nari Manch have recently entered the 21st Century by uploading videos of our performances to YouTube...

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