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In Sikh history Mata Sahib Kaur is known as the Mother of the Khalsa. She was born on the 3rd of November 1681 in a village called Rohtas, District Jehlum, in West Punjab, (Pakistan). Her motherís name was Mata Jasdevi and fatherís name was Ramu Bassi. She was raised in a very religious and virtuous way and was a sweet and quiet natured girl from her childhood. Her father, who was an ardent devotee of Guru Gobind Singh Ji influenced her to the extent that she wanted to devote her whole life in the service of the Guru Ji.

When she came of age, her father and other devotees of village Rohtas, took her to Anand Pur Sahib and requested Guru Gobind Singh Ji to take her as his bride. Guru Ji could not refuse their sincere request but on one condition that she would remain a virgin bride, however she would enjoy all the other privileges of being a Guruís wife.

Mata Sahib Kaur accompanied the Guru Ji throughout his life, even during battles, serving him in every possible way. Guru Gobind Singh Ji bestowed the honour of eternal motherhood of Khalsa Panth to his ideal wife Mata Sahib Kaur. Mata Ji guided the Khalsa Panth through period of crisis many times and issued eight decrees in the name of Khalsa.

She along with Mata Sundri helped Bhaaee Mani Singh Ji to compile the creative works of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. She died at the age of sixty six in 1747 and her last rites were performed in Bala Sahib, Delhi.

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