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 Mata Gujri Ji'S Martyr Day

For the first time in the UK The Sikh Nari Manch celebrated Mata Gujri Ji'S Martyr Day; the mother of the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  On 27th. December I999, in Walsall, a Keertan Darbar was held, in collaboration with the Sikh Women's Federation.

An article released and distributed to commemorate the life of Mata Gujri Ji.  The event was also celebrated by the relaunch of the Glasgow branch of the SNM on 29th. January 2000 with a Keertan Darbar in which SNM Choir was specially invited. Some local jathas and children also participated.

The Sikh Nari Manch requests all the Gurdwaras and Istri Sabhas to celebrate at least one prominent Sikh Woman's day every year. Some Gurdwaras and women organisations have started celebrating these days and the Sikh Nari Manch is always invited to join the celebrations.

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