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  • Keertan Sohila is the bedtime prayer of Sikhs and is recited just before going to sleep like a thanks giving prayer for the day. It consists of five short Shabads and it reminds us of the final day, which is approaching sooner or later for everyone. This is the prayer, which is also recited as a concluding prayer when the dead body is cremated. It serves the purpose of saying farewell to the departing soul and gives consolation and strength to the bereaved family.


  • In our Gurwaraas we always sing Anund Sahib before our final prayers. In some Gurdwaras, Aartee is also sung after the Bhog Ceremony of Siree Akhund Paath Sahib. These supplications are written in its original text Punjabi as well as transliterated in English. If the Gurdwaras provide the congregation with these booklets, everyone in the Sangat and especially the youngsters will be able to join in and sing along.


  • In recent years there has been a marked increase in the provision of community languages in U.K. Teaching materials imported from the Indian sub-continent have been generally found non-relevant to the contemporary classroom situations in this country. The language teaching materials appropriate to the needs of the children in this country are sparse. A book of Punjabi Poetry containing 51 poems is written especially for Punjabi speakers and learners of this country as the topics are taken From their western environment. It can make the teaching of Punjabi much more interesting.


  • This self teaching Punjabi book, supported by two pre-recorded cassettes will soon be in the market. This book will make it very easy to learn about the Days, Months, Relations, Diacritical marks and many more topics in Punjabi. As the readers have appreciated my work so far, I am sure they will be thrilled with this book too.

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