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Festival Songs

This bilingual book titled "Festival Songs" and its cassettes are the first of its kind in print. Festivals are celebrated all over the world by different races and religions. They are as varied as the people themselves and are an integral part of the cultural heritage of different countries. Some festivals are religious where as others originate from the change of seasons or celebration of sowing or harvesting. In our multifaith society there is a rich diversity of festivals which we celebrate every year.

In this song book, eleven songs are written on different festivals, which we generally celebrate in our schools as Visakhi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas and Gurpurb etc. These songs are written in Punjabi, transliterated & translated in English. The beauty of these songs is that the meanings of the songs are in rhyme and can also be sung on the same tune, hence the children can sing in both languages. There is Asian as well as Western notation for all the songs. It is the first time that such an attempt has been made to expose Asian music, language and culture to the West.

For further help it is accompanied by two pre-recorded cassettes. First one helps with the pronunciation and finer details of the music as it comes with explanations and commentary as well as the song in the original text while the second cassette plays the accompanying music only so that the songs can be sung in Punjabi, English or both languages.

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