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Songs We Can All Join In

One of the greatest gift we can give to a child is the gift of music. Children are often exposed to English nursery rhymes from a tender age but don't have exposure to songs in their own mother tongue. Music is a universal language and it can be successfully used in the development of other languages.

This bilingual book titled "Songs We Can AIl Join In" arid its cassettes are the first of its kind in print. Its author Mrs. Gurdev Kaur is a renowned musician and teacher` with wide experience of teaching in Great Britain and that of India. (She has also studied and mastered quite a few Asian- languages.)  She has a number of books for Infant, Primary and Secondary schools to her credit which have been highly appreciated in British school and libraries as well as in America, Canada and other ' English speaking counties.

 In this book, eleven songs are written on different topics which we generally talk about in our class rooms as Moon, Stars, Clouds, Rainbow, Birds, Flowers and, Butterfly etc. These songs are originally written m Punjabi, transliterated and translated in English. The beauty of these songs is that the meanings of the songs are in rhyme and can also be sung an the same tune, hence the children can sing in both languages. There is Asian as well as Western notation for all the songs. It is the first time that such an attempt has been made to expose Asian music, language and culture to the West.

For further help it is accompanied by two pre-recorded cassettes. First one helps with the pronunciation and finer details of the music as it comes with explanations and commentary as well as the song in the original text while the second cassettes plays the accompanying music only so that the songs can be sung m Punjabi, English or both languages.

It is written for both types of people; the ones who can read music and play some instruments and others who can' t. 

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