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Khalsa Mayro Roop Hai Khaas






At the Tricentenary celebrations of the Khalsa, Sikh Nari Manch's Choir took part at Royal Albert Hall, London, Symphony Hall Birmingham, Guild Hall, Southampton and many other functions. An audio cassette, a CD and a video was produced of all the Shabds sung on these occasions.



God Is One





To promote better understanding with other faiths Gurbani Shabds are sung in the original text (Punjabi) first in traditional style and then the meanings of the Shabds are sung in English rhyme in a mixture of Indian and Western music.



So Kyon Munda Aakheeyai





To popularise the female role models for young women Sikh Nari Manch's Choir has produced a CD of Shabds from the scriptures of Siree Guru Granth Sahib Ji which are primarily focused on the women.



Three Sikh Prayers



The Morning prayer of Sikhs 'Jup Jee Sahib', the evening prayer 'Rehrass Sahib', bed time prayer 'Keertan Sohila' and the Ardaas (supplication) is recited at a very slow speed on this CD to help the younger generation to learn their prayers.





At the Tricentenary celebrations of the Khalsa, Sikh Nari Manch's Choir produced a video in which the Shabds on Vaisakhi festival and Guru Gobind Singh Ji the Tenth Master are sung in a beautiful style. All the words and the meanings of the Shabds are given as subtitles.

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