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All available Cassettes come in explanation in both English and Punjabi


Saheh Ghut Raam Bolai


Na Ko Bairee Nheen Bigaana


Kal Taran Gur Nanak Aaya

Kiss Naal Keechai Dostee

Jai Taygun


Avull Alleh Noor Upaaya



Sukhmnee Saahib

Bhoag Day Sloke 

Five Prayers



Mool Munter


Naam Simrun


Khalsa Mayro Roop Hai khaas


So kyon munda Aakheeyai



God is One

This cassette is the first of its kind in Sikh history. Five Gurbani Shabads are sung first in Punjabi and then the translated lyrics are sung in English. The words of the Shabads are printed in the inlay of the cassette cover in both languages.

This cassette is very popular among the younger generation, in that it helps to break the barriers between faiths and creates mutual understanding. To propagate the Sikhi faith, we would like to distribute the cassette FREE of charge.

Five generous Gursikhs have made donations for which we are thankful, however we need other Gursikhs to come forward and give donations for this good cause. The name of the sponsor will be printed on the cover of the cassette.

Cost per five hundred: 250.00 per thousand 500.00



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