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Mission Statement of the Sikh Nari Manch

Sikh Nari Manch aims to empower and raise the self esteem of women of all ages and backgrounds particularly of Sikh women and enable them to take greater control of their lives making a positive contribution to the society in which they live. It also aims to preserve the past, inspire the heritage of the youth and promote community cohesion.

Aims and Objectives of the Sikh Nari Manch

  • To provide development opportunities for Sikh girls/women through music and singing.
  • To provide greater opportunities for Sikh women and children to take a more proactive & leading role in performing various religious duties such as Keertan, Paath, Katha, Ardaas 
  • To organise programmes, seminars, conferences and functions to celebrate Gurpurbs of prominent Sikh women as well as organise exhibitions of Sikh women.
  • To provide a forum for debating the issues affecting modern day women.
  • To train Sikh women as volunteers and mentors to help the less fortunate in the society.
  • To liase with other organisations concerned with women issues.
  • To promote understanding and links with other faith communities.
  • To produce and publish authenticated Sikh literature and engage people in comparative study of other religions.
  • To information about eminent disseminate Sikh women and the Sikh religion.
  • To liase with service providers and advise them on issues affecting Sikh women.
  • To encourage children to treat all human beings equally - irrespective of caste, colour, origin.
  • To establish an information and advice centre/Gurdwara in the Erdington area of Birmingham.
  • To organise and participate in Interfaith events and raise moneyfor local, national and international charities through a sponsored walk.
  • To organise a residential weekend for women so that they can experience the Sikh way of life and make new friends.
  • To support and visit vulnerable Sikhs in prisons and hospitals.

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