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Happy Diwali from Sikh Nari Manch

Sikh Nari Manch and Northside Welcme Cetre wish all our viewes a HAPPY DWALI. Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated all over India and the world where there is Indian population. Hindus celebrate Diwali to comemporate the return of Bhagwan Ram from his 14 years od exile and having a victory over Ravan. The citizens of Ayodhiya lit the houses and streets with thousands of Divas to Welcome Ram, Sita and laxman. Its also celebrated as a victory of good over evil.

The Sikhs celebrate Diwali for a different reason. t was on this day the Guru Har Gobind Ji, the sixth Guru of Sikhs, liberated 52 Hindu kings who were imprisoned in the prison at Gwaleeyar under the orders of Musilim emperor Jahangir.

You can listen to a song for children on Diwali  in Punjabi. This song can be easily taught to the children as it provides the subtitles and meanings in English. The meaning are in rhyme and can be sung on the same tune. I hope you enjoy it.


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