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Lord TS king of West Bromwich at the House of Lords by the River Thames

Birmingham City hospital 24/5/2000, presenting Mr Grath Smith chief executive of Hospital

SNM members with Baroness Fletcher in London 29/5/2000

Conclers Babu singh Bawa reciving award from SNM on the eve of celebration of Mata Tripta Divs 29/5/2000

SNM Exhibtion

Royal Orthapoedic Hospital Birmingham 24/5/2000

SNM at home with Dr MK Gill principal Mata Sundri College Dheli

At the launch of international music festival in London

SNM members with Lord TS King and Lord Mayor of Sandwell, 6/7/2000

The main speakers and chief guests at SNM first sikh womens confrence 17/6/2000

Visit at house of lords with Mr Joginder Singh spokesman magazine and principal Dr MK Gill

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